The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop

Chris Walker

The Chop Shop presents sports with a fresh perspective.  Chris, Tonya and Jim engages the audience from a unique position when it come to sports talk, from the top of the show you know it’s going to be an exciting 120 minutes.  Fused with Hip Hop music and cutting edge topics is a whole new way to talk about sports.  With an A list of who’s who in sports front office and locker room energized guest,  The Chop Shop keep you on the edge of your seat with expectancy to hear the comments from the next guest on the show.

The Chop Shop is affectionately called the best 120 minutes of your day;   the place to be each and every day Monday thru Friday.  Chris Walker the creator of this interactive sports talk bring his head coaching and Division 1 playing experience to the microphone giving you a inside coaches perspective to sports talk, Chris assembled the raised platform team of winners with Tonya Benton and Jim Hicks to put on the air a unmistakable team of veterans with years of respect and insight. Tune in Monday thru Friday from 12 – 2 pm  for the Best 120 Minutes of Your Day.



  1. TexasMike   On   February 15, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    UConn women vs the best high school basketball boys team (Yates). Who wins and why ? And are dynasties good for sports. Enjoy your show – TexasMike

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