There is an amount you pay a top-notch free agent on the open market, and there is an amount you offer an undrafted rookie. Cooper is no rookie.

Let’s talk about Ralph, as thousands of listeners refer to the close friend they talk to once a day.

The phone calls to his show usually begin, “Look here, Ralph,” or, “Check this out, Ralph,” or, “Oh, man, I couldn’t wait to call you today, Ralph.” That’s how you talk to a friend.

I rarely receive calls from people discussing what was said on other sports talk shows. Other than Ralph’s, that is.

When I lived outside the state, I would plan flights so I could listen to Ralph shortly after arriving at Intercontinental Airport. Welcome home. Ralph is Houston sports radio.

Over the years, the stations that have had contracts with the Astros, Rockets, and Texans (and the Oilers before them) have gotten interviews with local sports stars. So has Ralph. From young George Foreman to young Daniel Gibson, he has gotten them all.

For a moment or two, here or there, a couple of the slew of shows on local radio manage to be entertaining. Ralph does so more often.

While many local shows tend to dodge topics like I-10 traffic — hoping to be as vanilla as possible without colliding with reality — Cooper takes on all subjects and does it with class. He isn’t a screaming shock jock, and he keeps his callers in check when they get out of line.

He’s old-school barbershop, and that’s the way his listeners like it. And did I mention the so-called “black show” has listeners and callers of all types.

By Jerome Solomon

No radio host has given more opportunities and advice to youngsters, and none has done as much work in the community as has Cooper. We’re talking all types of community service.

That brother-in-law of yours, who never seems to know what he’s talking about, could call any radio station and get yelled at. He calls Ralph, and he learns something.

Ralph will continue to be on Houston radio  weekdays at 12-2pm now on KYND 1520. 

Join Houston in welcoming Ralph to the strongest radio platform in his long career as he connects with radio music legend Don Sam that airs 2pm following Sports Rap with Ralph Cooper.

call in and welcome Ralph 832-230-5592

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  1. TexasMike

    UConn women vs the best high school basketball boys team (Yates). Who wins and why ? And are dynasties good for sports. Enjoy your show – TexasMike

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