Minds That Matter Special Guest: Dr. Ganesh Thakur

Tune in Wednesday, August 9th at 5PM CT as George Willy hosts Minds That Matter with Special Guest, Dr. Ganesh Thakur.

Dr. Ganesh Thakur is a Distinguished Professor of Petroleum Engineering and Director of Energy Industry Partnerships (leading teams of top class scientists and engineers working in the field of energy to solve complex problems for the industry) at the University of Houston, Texas, USA.

He also serves as the President and Global Advisor for Thakur Services, Inc.  For 37 years, he served as Vice President, Global Advisor and Fellow of Chevron.  In this role, he provided technical advice and consultation on high impact offshore, onshore, heavy oil, and unconventional reservoirs.

Dr. Thakur possesses a strong joint operational-technical-management skill set, and is a world-recognized leader in reservoir engineering, characterization & simulation, secondary recovery and EOR, reservoir and well productivity improvement in tight oil and gas reservoirs, heavy oil, horizontal well technology and water management.  He is well known for the emergence of reservoir management (RM) —in particular waterflooding—as a key interdisciplinary practice.

He has impressive list of publications and teaching engagements conducted around the world.  His skills and expertise are called upon widely in the design and operation of RM programs, mentoring technical professionals, and serving as an ambassador of technical capabilities to National Oil Companies and Government Ministries.

Dr. Thakur served as the 2012 Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) Intl. President, with 120,000+ members world-wide.  He was elected to represent the SPE on the National Petroleum Council (NPC), served as a Board member of AIME, and elected to the National Academy of Engineering – USA for his significant contributions to integrated reservoir management, including theoretical and practical aspects of waterflooding and EOR.

Dr. Thakur received a Ph.D. degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 1973.  He has served as an adjunct professor at USC, University of Texas (Permian Basin), University of Houston, Houston Baptist University, and King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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