Bill Russell

Bill Russell

2016 Community Hero

Bill Russell is well-known in the automobile industry because of his knowledge and passion for fair and equitable treatment of all people when it comes to purchasing high-end items. This passion fuels his desire to successfully help those who need assistance purchasing a car.

For years he was an icon at Russell and Smith Ford, and now uses his expertise as part of The Sonic Automotive Group at Momentum BMW. With access to over 300 dealerships nationwide, Russell has expanded his repertoire of automobiles to include virtually any kind of car one could possibly desire.

For Russell, it’s not about the dollar for him at this point. His mission is to educate African-Americans on how to be better stewards of their resources. Russell’s goal is to assist others in realizing their dreams.

A man of many gifts, media personality is also on his resume, and for 17 years he hosted a highly-rated and community-oriented radio program on KCOH called Bill Russell Car Talk.

Russell is also the CEO of Bill Russell Enterprise, LLC, which owns and manages his other business ventures, including real estate, managing financial diversification, global sales training, motivational speaking, and effective credit rebuilding solutions.

Russell believes everyone has inner greatness that can be harnessed. Russell’s motto is

“I do what I do because my success requires it. I do what I do because my children deserve it. I do what I do because my ancestors expect it.”

Awards and Recognition:

Below are just a few of the awards Bill Russell has achieved…

  • Professional & Entrepreneur Trailblazer Award
  • Top Black Attorney Title Sponsor
  • Top Black HMWP Title Sponsor
  • 2011 Sponsorship Award – The Prayer Institute
  • Magic Touch Award – Aetna Medicare
  • Gulf Shores Academy Outstanding Contributor Award Champion of the Future
  • Windsor Village Married Couples Ministry Heart 2 Heart Mentor Program

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